The Maritime Scholarship Program was created in order to enable students from underprivileged backgrounds pursue their maritime education. Our goal is to provide more inner city youngsters with a crucial opportunity to start on a career path, giving them the opportunity to adopt a career in the maritime industry.

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*We are no longer accepting applications for the year 2018-2019. You may still send your application for our review for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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Isaiah Gunther a freshman at Auburn University in Alabama majoring in Media Studies and Film Production. Isaiah’s future endeavors consist of helping inner city children through film, short stories and bringing about awareness through film the maritime industry while being able to help children abroad. Isaiah excelled academically at Tuckahoe High School and was accepted into over twenty colleges his senior year. Isaiah worked through many obstacles and growing up between two places  Autuagaville, Alabama and Tuckahoe, NY and having to overcome socioeconomic. Isaiah decided to be a first generation college student and attend college in the state that deprived his grandparents. A motivated and determined Isaiah arrived at Auburn University in August 2017 and was selected to be part of a leadership program named Auburn Emerge and is being considered a Camp War Eagle counselor for the incoming freshman at Auburn fall 2018. 

Kaitlyn Pasqualini of Mystic, Connecticut, attended the Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut and graduated in June of 2017. There she took rigorous AP and College classes, while participating in extracurricular activities, including student council, mentorships, photography club, etc. At MSMHS, she gained so much experience in her intended career field and was able to work alongside one of the teachers in her school's Aquaculture Lab and accompany Dr. Anderson from the Mystic Aquarium on a research study through the school’s partnership. She graciously acknowledges this helped her to where she is currently, studying Marine Science with a minor in Chemistry at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Najee Quashie, of Orange, New Jersey is proud to be an incoming freshman at the College of the Holy Cross in the Fall of 2017. Despite this accomplishment, his journey has yet to end. He plans to venture into the field of Political Science to work for the government. He shows perseverance and determination, both qualities that truly separates a successful person from the merely average one. “I am more than just another head in a pack of wolves!” We know that whatever he decides to pursue after the College of the Holy Cross, we have no doubt and question that he will succeed! We see his future getting brighter each and everyday.

Maranda Ealahan is currently attending University of Rhode Island for Marine Biology. She plans on finishing her undergraduate studies at URI and continuing on to get her Masters Degree in Oceanography. In her free time, Maranda enjoys boating, fishing, whale watching, and anything else to do with the ocean. Due to her passion in marine biology, she attended the Marine Science Magnet High School in Groton, CT. At MSMHS, she took numerous classes that boosted this passion, including some of her favorites: Aquatic Husbandry, Aquarium Science, and Marine Biotechnology. In Aquatic Husbandry and Aquarium Science, she particularly, enjoyed taking care of and raising fish. The highlight of these classes was helping breed clownfish. She described this as a difficult task and required a lot of attention but when they finally laid eggs, it was very exciting. She hopes to be out on the water studying marine mammals and larger fish.