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Virginia’s House of Hope is proud to have chosen 10 incredible students to award the 6th Annual Jim Lawrence Scholarship to, which will be given out at the CMA Shipping Conference in Stamford, CT March 20-22. This scholarship is something those of us at VHOH are very proud of, and believe it sets us apart from other non-profits doing similar work.

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FALL 2016

The easy going days of summer have passed and now it's time for students to prepare for the upcoming school year. Virginia’s House of Hope’s most recent Back to School donation event did just that for students of P.S. 155 and 102 in Harlem, NY with the goal of providing students the most vital school supplies for the upcoming year.

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This month Virginia’s House of Hope decided to double the number of families to receive food donations per school visit, twice each month.

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On December 10, 2013, seven brave Tugboat Program students stepped onto a Tugboat in Staten Island, NY for the toughest week of deckhand training possible! With help of instructor, Sam Zapadinsky, these six young men, and one young woman learned the techniques necessary to work as tugboat deckhands, and realized just how much determination and hard work these jobs require.



Virginia’s House of Hope continues its efforts in establishing our organization’s Maritime Cooperative Program.



Virginia’s House of Hope continues its monthly charitable efforts by visiting and distributing to local schools throughout New York City.