Our goal is to aid families in transition, or in under served communities with packaged bundles of clothing, food and other basic necessities.  Virginia's House of Hope engages in "Outreach Activities" in order to formally meet with our clients, and assist them in person. To effectively and efficiently accomplish this, we partner with regional public schools to identify potential clients, and provide a safe and secure location for our event to take place. We will work closely with our School Host to organize the logistics of delivering and distributing our packages at scheduled on-site events. 

VHH will initiate the following steps to set up an Outreach Activity:

  • School application review

  • Set up phone interview and/or site visit

  • Assess and evaluate needs for identified clients

  • Gather resources from inventory and donations

  • Schedule date and plan event at Host School location

  • Follow-up evaluation and feedback form completion

Our School Hosts are a vital part of our operation, and we truly appreciate the relationships that we develop with schools. Our partnerships help to create well planned and productive engagements, in which we ensure a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

Virginia’s House of Hope invites you, your students, and their families to explore our resources. If you are interested in helping families at your school, please consider volunteering in our School Host Outreach Program. Please click here to fill out our online application. There is no financial commitment on your part; we are simply looking for the most effective way to reach those children and families who would benefit from the services we provide. There are some requirements that do call for some up-front planning and day-of organization on the part of our partner Hosts, but we pledge to work with you to provide guidance and direction in implementing a few standard operating procedures that will ensure a smooth-running event.